Follow along with one of our themed plans to take the guess work out of jumping into family history. Each month we will feature a different theme designed to help you explore all aspects of family connections.  

Become a Preservation Whiz by following this 21 day plan focused on learning and implementing the steps you’ll need to preserve and archive your family treasures.  During the next 21 days, you’ll learn the best methods for planning your projects, digitizing your various treasures, and archiving in an effective and lasting manner so your family’s memorabilia can be enjoyed and discovered for generations to come.  We’ll make it easy and fun to follow along for the next 21 days. Come join us!

Taste of Connection

Taste of connection Do you want to give the Connections Experiment a try, but feel intimidated or overwhelmed by a 21 day commitment?  Try our

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Connections Samplers: 7 Day Plans

Does 21 days feels a little overwhelming to you? We’ve got you covered, we created a collection of 7 day plans with you in mind. Try one of these 7 day plans out. If you’re a newbie we recommend starting with our “Taste of Connection Plan”.

DNA prep

7 day DNA prep plan Come learn about DNA testing! Why should you take one? Should you test someone else in your family? What kind

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The Family Plan-7days

The family 7 day plan A 7-day experiment to help your whole family enjoy making connections to the past and each other together. Additional activities

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21 day plans

Heritage Connections

Heritage Connections Find connections and deeper understanding of past family members by learning about the country and time period they lived in. This month you

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Everyday Connections

Everyday Connections This month we encourage you to celebrate and recognize everyday connections with your family, past and present. These 21 days worth of connection

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Genealogy Boot Camp

Genealogy boot camp *Plan created with contributions from Thomas MacEntee, Christy–The Modern Genealogist  and Megan–Modern Genealogy. Not sure if a family story is fact or

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Tech Connections

Tech Connections With all the new advancement in technology, there are some great options to improve your connections. The following 21 activities will have you

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The About Me Plan

THE about me plan A 21-day experiment in writing about, recording, or sharing your life story your way. Additional activities can be found on the

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