Everyday Connections

This month we encourage you to celebrate and recognize everyday connections with your family, past and present. These 21 days worth of connection activities are designed to be doable with low to no preparation on your part. Each day has an activity that will help you strengthen your connections with your family members. 

Jump ahead to the day you’d like to see.

Be sure to take the pre experiment survey before you start and come back and complete the post experiment survey when you are done.

Day 1


“Find your why and you’ll find your way,” John C. Maxwell

Welcome to Day 1! Take a moment to think about why you want to participate in the experiment this month. Do you want to strengthen relationships with living family members? Whatever your reason, write it down and put it somewhere you can see daily. Next, choose a way to track your connections! Doesn’t it feel good to check a task off at the end of the day? Here are a few ways you may want to track your connections this month. 

  • Create a paper chain. 
  • Use the 1-second a day app to record your everyday moments! 
  • Color in or check off a bucket list for the month.

Day 2


“It’s not the meal itself, but the together time that counts,” Bruce Feiler 

Eat dinner with a loved one and make a connection! This can be done in person or virtually.  How do you make a connection at meal time? Try one of these fun activities: 

  • Have each person say one thing they love about a person at the table. 

Day 3


Check out what is happening today or this month in your family’s history – recent or in the past. 

  • See if any ancestors are celebrating birthdays or anniversaries this month. You can do this through Family Search Use our make my meme templates to share their special day with your family on social media. 
  • Check out your Facebook Memories/Instagram Memories and reshare them.  
  • Start a line a day journal. If you already have one, look back on what you wrote in years prior. 



*Requires a free account with FamilySearch

Day 4


Does your family have a motto or a mission statement? If not, come up with a short statement together to say throughout the month. These tips from Amy of The Organized Mom can help you get started! Already have a motto? Try these instead:

Day 5


What family stories and music speak to you? Take advantage of the winding down time at the end of the day to share or enjoy your favorites. Here are some ideas:  

  • Tell family stories at bedtime. If you no longer have children at home, share stories via Marco Polo or send a recording to your grandchildren, nieces/nephews, family members.  
  • Sing songs with special meaning. What songs did your parents sing to you at bedtime? What songs were popular when you were a child that may make a good lullabye. Similarly, you can record songs or send them via Marco Polo.
  • No children? Read stories on the Family Search app or listen to music that brings back good memories. 
  • Make a family play list with extended family. What songs have special meaning in your family? 



* Requires a free account with FamilySearch

Day 6


Make time today to connect 1 on 1 with someone you love.  Be intentional about spending time and directing attention to a friend or family member who needs it this month. 

  • Got children? During the month, choose a night to let each child stay up 15 minutes later than the others for 1 on 1 time with their parent (s). Let them choose an activity to do together – look through photos, play a card game, etc.  
  • Plan a date night with your spouse. 
  • Take a loved one to lunch. Do it on zoom if you have to! 

Day 7


Create a conversational area in your house by putting up or setting out photos of ancestors. This could be as simple as printing a photo from Family Search and taping it to your bathroom mirror! Whether it is a gallery wall or a single photo on the nightstand, choose photos of ancestors you and your family want to learn more about. You may even want to include their names on the photos.  



* Requires a free account with FamilySearch

Day 8


Connect with your loved ones in small and simple ways today. Words are powerful and make such a difference! Think of someone who could use a sweet pick me up. 

  • Write a note to put in someone’s lunch box/ or on their pillow. 
  • Put up sticky notes on mirrors. 
  • Use a dry erase marker to leave a note on a board. 
  • Get bathtub letters from the dollar store and leave a fun note in the shower. 
  • Send a text or Marco Polo
  • Share a personal or family story that can help build a family member specifically. 

Day 9


Use meal time as an opportunity to connect with your past. One of the best ways to incorporate family history into your life is to attach it to something you already have to do – like eat dinner! Take advantage of the time together to learn and reminisce about loved ones who have passed. This can also be done via zoom! 

  • Do you know of an ancestor having a birthday this month? If not, check on Family Search. Celebrate their birthday with any of the fun ideas from this blog post. 
  • Make an ancestor’s favorite food for dinner. 
  • Invite an ancestor to dinner. Set an extra place at the table for an ancestor. Put their picture at their place and share memories or stories about them. 
  • Honor the mothers in your ancestral line. Serve their favorite foods for Mother’s Day.


* Requires a free account with FamilySearch

Day 10



Use the time in the car to connect! Use tech more intentionally in the car or put it down/turn it off and strike up a conversation. These ideas may be fun: 

  • Use the Family Tree App to look up ancestor stories. 
  • Use the Family Tree App Relatives Around Me Feature with GPS to see if important events took place nearby where you are driving. 
  • Play travel games – ancestor style! Remember the ABC travel game? “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking an A(pple), B(at), etc. Give it a try with ancestor names! “I’m going on a trip and I’m taking A(unt) Melanie, B(aby) brother Kyler, C(ousin) Carter, etc.) 
  • Turn off the radio and start a conversation. 


* Requires a free account with FamilySearch

Day 11


Trade social media time for time in your family tree or family connecting with your family. Today use your phone to connect. Intentionally use apps that help you connect and grow closer to your family/friends. 

  • Create shareable videos with the One Second a Day video app.
  • Use Family Search’s FamilyTree app to upload memories, read stories, and discover more about your family. 
  • Marco Polo a family member.
  • Send a DM on Instagram. 
  • Post to social media or a family gathering spot.

Day 12


Grow closer together through planting a connection! Is there a plant that brings back memories for you? Plant it in your garden or pick up a bouquet that reminds you of a family member. Share on social media the story behind it. 

Day 13


Create and strengthen your family culture. What does your family say or do that is unique to you? Here are some fun ideas: 

  • Create a family mantra/affirmation. 
  • Come up with a family cheer. 
  • Text a positive thought to a family member. 

Day 14


As a family, come up with a summer bucket list. Ask each member of your family what they would like to do this summer. Be sure to include ways you can create connection with extended family, immediate family, and even ancestors. Use our Connections Idea Generator to help you come up with unique ways to connect.


Do you want to be more intentional about doing family history this summer? Check out our Family Connections Bucket List!

Day 15


Look for small and simple ways to make it a special day. These ideas may be fun to do with your family. 

  • Yes Day – Say yes as often as you can today. Children love this one! 
  • Thank You Day – Be intentionally grateful today. Send thank you texts, say it to your family members, make a phone call, etc. 
  • Celebrate Accomplishments Day – highlight a family member’s recent accomplishment and give it an extra celebration today.
  • Have a themed day – ie Pajama Day/Kids Dress Mom/Dress Up Day/Dress in a Certain Decade Day.

Day 16


“The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness,”  Abraham Maslow

Notice when you are feeling present and when you are not. Some find it useful to carry around a small notebook and make a mark when you are feeling present.  Mindfulness apps can also be helpful.

Day 17


“We need 4 hugs a day for survival. We need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth,” Virginia Satir.

Get in touch with what makes you happy and brings you peace today! Whether it is spending time in nature, giving a hug to a loved one, or pausing to relax – make time to connect. 

  • Go on a walk. 
  • Give 8 second hugs to a loved one. 
  • Practice deep breathing.
  • Go on a walk. 
  • Give 8 second hugs to a loved one. 
  • Practice deep breathing.  

Day 18


Get in touch with what makes you happy and brings you peace today! Whether it is spending time in nature, giving a hug to a loved one, or pausing to relax – make time to connect. 

  • Go on a walk. 
  • Give 8 second hugs to a loved one. 
  • Practice deep breathing.

Day 19


Host a game night with family or friends! It can be virtually or in person. 

  • Play games from your childhood like Down by the Banks, Red Rover, Red light Green light, Fruit Basket, 
  • Play games your ancestor’s played/cultural games.
  • Get active! Play sports or have fun with classic night games.

Day 20


“Reading literary fiction can help people understand each others’ mental states, a crucial skill in developing relationships,” Kidd & Castano, 2013.

Connect through reading today. Take a break and read a new or a favorite book. Even better – read it with someone you love! Some possible ideas: 

  • Read a book to a child.  Bonus if it is one you read as a child! 
  • Share or read a book in your online family gathering spot ie Facebook Group, Youtube, Marco Polo, etc.  

Day 21


Photos are often a favorite part of family history. It can be fun to look at photos from our own childhood and our ancestors’ lives as well. 

  • Post a photo to social media. We have fun templates you can use for your heirloom or childhood photos! Check them out here: 
  • Do a “day in the life” series in your Instagram stories.
  • Be sure to get in the photo! Your descendants want to see you!

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