Evidence Suggests

Research is starting to substantiate how connecting to our family stories in simple ways can help people cope with the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, and find healing. At the Family Connections Experiment we are continuously gathering evidence through our project resources, partnerships, and also through researching others shared experiences and research results.

Family Connections Experiment

During the height of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic we hosted a 21 Day experiment inviting people all over the world to try an experiment by increasing family connections for 21 days, this is the results of our informal study based off of feedback from those who participated.

The Links and resources below are examples of others research and experiences. We expect to see more and more material published each year. Let us know if this information is helpful and if you have more to add to the list, please tell us!

Have some resources to share?

What resources do you feel communicate family connection?

Have you seen research or an article that explores this idea?

We’d love to keep updating this page with research and resources to share with everyone! Feel free to share here if you’ve got something to add to the list!