Update Your Family

A very important part of getting together at family reunions is catching up with everyone. You might be seeing relatives that you haven’t seen in a few weeks or relatives you haven’t seen in a few decades and everything in between. Getting together and making connections by sharing memories and photos and what you have been up to is a great idea. There are many different ways you could do this.

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Swapping Stuff? Use Google Photos!

Is everyone getting ready for a virtual family reunion soon and you are wondering how to have the same experiences you had as a kid being able to sit around and hand around photo albums? Or exchange pictures of recent trips or major events? Well luckily even though the world has changed and we might not be able to meet in person we will still be able to share all of those awesome photos.

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Experiences with Family Reunions

Family Reunions tend to mean something to us and we all think of our own experience which seems to be the same as everyone else’s. But family reunions can take many different forms, shapes, sizes and formats.

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May Twitter Party

Join the 21 Day Family Connections Expert and our panel of experts and enthusiasts as we talk about Everyday Connections during our May Twitter Party. We will also be revealing our brand new June plan. The party will be held on Twitter, using the hashtag #21DayExperiment on Friday, May 21st from 12-1 pm MT.

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All About Family Mottos, Mantras, and More

Family mottos, mantras, mission statements, slogans, etc. are words, phrases, or larger statements that convey the core values and guiding principles that your family needs in order to be successful and obtain the vision you have as a unit for your family.

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