Heritage Connections

Heritage Connections Find connections and deeper understanding of past family members by learning about the country and time period they lived in. This month you will discover your heritage and culture, it’s in your blood. Find out what your ancestor’s life was probably like. Gain new traditions as you make connections with your ancestors. additional […]

Modernized Family Reunion

Modernized family reunion Has it been a while since you’ve really connected with extended family?  When was your last family reunion? It’s been a while, right?!?  We feel you!  This month is all about helping you deepen your family ties and create moments that matter. Getting together with your family can help you or other […]

Everyday Connections

Everyday Connections This month we encourage you to celebrate and recognize everyday connections with your family, past and present. These 21 days worth of connection activities are designed to be doable with low to no preparation on your part. Each day has an activity that will help you strengthen your connections with your family members.  […]


Gift of Connection Prompts Spring is a time of year when there are a lot of family connections, between graduation celebrations and family holidays. This month we invite you to think of the mom, dad, grandparent, or graduate in your life. We’re going to work on preparing a Gift of Connection. Select which gift you […]

Genealogy Boot Camp

Genealogy boot camp *Plan created with contributions from Thomas MacEntee, Christy–The Modern Genealogist  and Megan–Modern Genealogy. Not sure if a family story is fact or fable? With this plan explore that family story while learning some basic research principles. We’ve broken it down into bite size pieces to make it fun, easy and enjoyable for […]

Tech Connections

Tech Connections With all the new advancement in technology, there are some great options to improve your connections. The following 21 activities will have you exploring some of these great advancements! Each day has an activity, followed by some tech suggestions that you can use to do the activity or you can use one of […]

Family 2.0

In May, so many people found the joy of family connections while doing this experiment with their family!  This is another opportunity to connect with your family and them with you! *All activities with a * require a FamilySearch account to participate in that activity. If you don’t have one please set one up with […]

The About Me Plan

THE about me plan A 21-day experiment in writing about, recording, or sharing your life story your way. Additional activities can be found on the “build your own plan” page.  There are many ways to share your story and document your life. Not only will your posterity enjoy remembering or learning more about you, but […]

The Family Plan

A 21-day experiment to help your whole family enjoy making connections to the past and each other together. Additional activities can be found on the “build your own plan” page. *A tree that goes back 4 generations and a free FamilySearch account is necessary for some activities. If you don’t have these please set them up […]

community contributed plans

We’re a community project, for the community, by the community. This is a collection of plans submitted by the community.