DNA Prep – 7 Day Plan

DNA prep – 7 Day plan Come learn about DNA testing! Why should you take one? Should you test someone else in your family? What kind of tests are available and what to do after you have purchased one. You learn all of this and more in manageable pieces. These 7 days prepare you to […]

Family – 7 Day Plan

family – 7 day plan A 7-day experiment to help your whole family enjoy making connections to the past and each other together. Additional activities can be found on the “build your own plan” page. *A tree that goes back 4 generations and a free FamilySearch account is necessary for some activities. If you don’t have […]

Everyday Connections – 7 Day Plan

Everyday Connections – 7 day plan This month we encourage you to celebrate and recognize everyday connections with your family, past and present. These 21 days worth of connection activities are designed to be doable with low to no preparation on your part. Each day has an activity that will help you strengthen your connections […]

All About Me – 7 Day Plan

All about me – 7 day plan There are many ways to share your story and document your life. Not only will your posterity enjoy remembering or learning more about you, but writing and recording your journey will help you see your life in a new way, and no one can tell your story better […]