RootsTech Connect & The Family Connections Experiment Part Two

By Olivia Jewell


February is full steam ahead, which also means that RootsTech Connect is approaching quickly. If you haven’t yet registered, visit our Family Connections Experiment & RootsTech Connect Page, you won’t want to miss out on everything coming. For the rest of us who are and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of hundreds of classes and connection opportunities, let’s take a sneak peak, shall we?

The Family Connections Experiment, founded in May of 2020 during the height of the pandemic quarantines has committed itself to providing a worldwide resource to families and individuals that help them connect with their families past and present while exploring the benefits of those connections, specifically the psychological connections.  When it comes to RootsTech Connect, we promise to not disappoint.  We’ve teamed up with RootsTech Conference to bring you a series of classes dedicated to the focus of the psychological benefits of connection, called “The Power of Connection” series.  

This series was inspired by the discoveries and experiences of both volunteers and participants from the 21 Day Family Connections Experiment. The series explores the answers to WHY–why it’s important for us to connect with our families past and present, why it affects us emotionally and physically, and why our project is so passionate about making it simple, easy and fun to connect with family. Mark your calendars for February 25th-27th and join us as we draw upon the expertise of scholars, therapists, and practitioners, as well as individuals like you and me who have had personal experience with this power.

Did someone say sneak preview? Why yes, we did! Here’s a sneak peek at our “Case Studies in Connection” series kickoff.


Share with your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers and your fellow church go-ers–everyone will benefit from this series and the hundreds of other classes available at RootsTech Connect this year. Oh, and did we mention that there will be some incredible opportunities to connect live?  Be sure to sign up for our email or text notifications to stay in the loop, and Stay tuned . . . 

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