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My Personal Preservation Workbook & Planner

The My Personal Preservation Workbook will guide you, with step by step instructions, through 1) identifying your projects, 2) organizing your workflow, 3) tackling the projects one by one, and lastly 4) it will help you set up your own organizational and archival system, so that you can easily identify what has been completed and where everything is stored and shared.
After working through the workbook you can tackle all of your projects by using the My Personal Preservation Planner to identify, document, and track all of your projects as you go. It can even be saved to share with future generations so they know what’s been preserved and where to find it.


Join us to learn “How to become a Preservation Whiz! What to do with all those photos and documents.” WITH our special guest Melissa Barker, The Archive Lady! This is an exciting month to really dig into what you have in your treasure trove of family pics and records and learn how to preserve it.

 Amy Nielson is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Her focus is on helping people identify and work through barriers that interfere with having a joyful life. She has been a counselor for over 10 years and worked in the social services field for 10 years before that. 

Got photos, journals, and heirlooms to scan? We are talking to Shotbox – the leader in creative tabletop photography.

Come meet our partner Collectionaire! Learn about saving precious family photos, videos and memories to the cloud.

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Additional resources


Use this question generator to see how much you know about your family.


Create a fun meme with some of your photos.


Click below for a 5 minute idea that will help you connect with family past and present. 

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Help make some family connections with these grab and print gifts.