Hunt for connection activity

Welcome Screen

Directions for the host

  1. In a separate window, go to our Hunt for Connection game
  2. Input 5 prompts from the list below.
  3. Go to the next slide and share your screen. 
  4. Type in the team names for each family playing.
  5. Each round has three parts:
    1. The prompt – the prompt you typed in will appear. 
    2. A three-minute timer begins, When the time runs out, each team shares what they found. 
    3. The host awards points. 
  6. Award points as follows:
    1. 5 points for making it back on time. 
    2. 10 points for a good explanation of the item.
    3. 15 points for the team that best addressed the prompt.
      1. (You could also make up your own point rules).

Connect with the past with:

  • A childhood toy.
  • Your baby picture. 
  • A book your parents or grandparents read to you as a child. 
  • Ingredients from your favorite childhood meal. 
  • Items that begin with the same letter as your great-grandmother’s maiden name. 
  • A picture of your grandparents. 
  • A gift from your wedding or your parent’s wedding. 
  • The oldest family heirloom. 
  • Something that represents your ancestral home. 
  • Something that reminds you of:
    • Mom or Dad
    • Grandma or Grandpa
    • Uncles or Aunts
    • Cousins

Connect with the present with:

  • A journal or diary.
  • A game or puzzle your family loves. 
  • An item that reminds you of your favorite vacation. 
  • Something that would represent your family theme song if you had one. 
  • A favorite family book. 
  • A souvenir from a vacation. 
  • Something with your last name on it. 
  • An article of clothing, quilt, or blanket that is special to you. 
  •  Something that represents your favorite place to be in the house. 
  • Something that reminds you of one of your favorite accomplishments. 
  • An object that represents something that you recently learned to do. 
  • An object that represents part of your personality. 
  • Your favorite tangible possession. 
  • A family selfie. 
  • Something that represents your family home. 
  • Something you made that you hope to pass down.
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Game Music: Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
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