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Collectionaire is a simple but smart cloud app for building the ultimate collection of a family’s history and best memories, including digital photo albums, home movies, digitized scrapbooks, slide shows, audio recordings, journals, etc.  It’s not a photo storage site, but instead a “hub” that complements sites like SmugMug, Flickr, Google Photos, Apple Photos, Vimeo, YouTube, and others by aggregating all your best memories into one easy-to-navigate site via your family tree.


The SHOTBOX is an all-in-one portable light studio that allows you to scan faster, capture amazing photos, and have fun unleashing your creative side all just using your smartphone. It’s easy to use, for imaging any item, heirloom or keepsake that you want to preserve. Use your smartphone to capture and the included tools to help make it beautiful. And just like that you are done. Shotbox also includes solutions for your whole home preservation system.


We’re stoked to help you discover your family stories this month! We’re on a mission to help you preserve those stories with life like video quality at a reasonable price. Our enhancement kit and interview guide make it easy and fun to capture a relative’s story with just the phone in your pocket. We’ll hand-edit your footage and create a ~45 minute HD movie of your loved one’s life, a treasured family keepsake forevermore. 

Perks for participants

We’ve reached out to several companies who had you in mind when they created their products. Their products are built to make connecting with family past and present easier and fun! Check out some of these perks that they’ve generously donated to help you with your commitment to connecting more for 21 days.

NOTE: If you agreed to receive perks on the survey, you will receive emails for the following.

If you don’t receive the email please contact Hello@Connections-Experiment.com

Free Tree Sharing

As you gather your family history, use Clanview at any time to quickly transform your data into a ‘published’ 3D family tree you can show your family.  It’s instant, interactive and private.

Simply visit the Clanview Free page and sign-up for an online account – it only takes 30 seconds.

50% Off

Each participant will receive a coupon for 1/2 off for two years to Collectionaire to build their Family History and “Best Memories” Collection.

Use coupon code: connect2020

2 for 1 Movie

Get 2 edited 45 minute HD movies for the price of one. Valid with the purchase or rental of our enhancement kit.

Use coupon code: conexp2020  

Relationship Chart

Legacy Tree Genealogists

Understanding how you relate to others in your family tree can be confusing at times. Take the guesswork out with this easy to use DNA & Relationship Quick Reference chart from Legacy Tree Genealogists. Download now for free!

Free Toolkit

Get a hand-selected toolkit of printables and question prompts to inspire you during the Connections Experiment – all free for you.

Click here to receive your Toolkit.


Receive a $20 discount off of your Memories Preservation System.

The SHOTBOX Memories Preservation System – Includes Full Add-On Bundle + Shutter Release Cable + Free Shipping

Use coupon code: Connections20  

Giveaway Items

As a participant of this experiment you’ve been entered to win one of many gifts donated by partnering small businesses who share the passion for connecting families.  Winners will be randomly selected during our How To Live Events and at our Zoom After Party on October 21st, be sure to register! You could win one of the following…

2 Lifetime Accounts

One attendee will win a free lifetime account to Collectionaire to build their Family History and “Best Memories” Collection.


The SHOTBOX is an all-in-one portable light studio that allows you to scan faster, capture amazing photos, and have fun unleashing your creative side all just using your smartphone.

Historic Fiction Novel

A gifted artist suffering debilitating grief finds healing and inspiration in her Irish ancestry, and” goes on to paint a masterpiece.

5 "My Life Story" Booklet

Our beautiful full-color booklets provide question prompts for oral history or writing autobiographies, memoirs and family stories. These are the questions we use in our professional work.

Fine Art Family Tree

Digital file creation of our 4 generation Ancestral Family Tree.  This tree features a married couple at the trunk of the tree, with their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents shown in the branches above and their children (if desired), below the base of the tree. Valued at $89!

Interviewing Kit

Basic Kit + 1 Edited Movie ($450 value)

Capture precious memories like never before. Using the pro-grade camera in your pocket (iPhone 8 or newer) paired with our hand-selected enhancement kit and interview questions, you’ll get an unmatched interview experience and a professionally finished movie to share with loved ones for decades to come.

Virtual Consultation

Have you hit a brick wall in your research? Or maybe you’re not sure how to get started? Enter to win a Genealogist-on-Demand Virtual Consultation from Legacy Tree Genealogists and have your questions answered from the comfort of your home. Each consultation gives you one-on-one access to one of our genealogists for 45-minutes in an online screen-sharing platform where you can have your research questions answered in real-time, receive research strategies, explanation of DNA test results, suggestions for record collections, and more! If you’d like to schedule your Genealogist-on-Demand Virtual Consultation now, visit legacytree.com.

5 Clanview Packs
Clanview is the new way to print your family tree and share it instantly.
Use your free online Clanview Account to publish your own family history in minutes as a 3D family tree that includes ancestor stories.  Clanview was made for simple, private sharing so relatives can open it instantly and explore their direct ancestors interactively.

Clanview overcomes the limitations of printed family trees and charts, encourages feedback and keeps you in control of your data.
We’re giving away 5 Clanview products:
3 x Hobbyist Publishing Packs
2 x Amateur Publishing Packs
Research Like a Pro

Are you stuck in your genealogical research? Wondering how to make progress on your brick wall problems?

Discover the process that a professional genealogist uses to solve difficult cases. Diana shares a step-by-step method using real world examples, easily understood by any level of genealogist; written for the researcher ready to take their skills to the next level.

DNA Results Analysis

Know My Roots Genetic Genealogy is dedicated to assisting adoptees and those with unknown parentage in finding biological family through traditional genealogical research and DNA testing.  New opportunities for finding family are available via testing companies, which have created databases for the purpose of connecting individuals with others who share significant DNA percentages. DNA “matches” within these databases indicate close  biological relationships – from parents and siblings, to 1 – 6th cousins. Numerous cases of unknown paternity and adoption have been solved through these methods.

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