Feeling Connected: Psychological Benefits of Connections with Amy Nielson, CMHC

Interviewee: Amy Nielson, CMHC

Bio: Amy Nielson is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Her focus is on helping people identify and work through barriers that interfere with having a joyful life. She has been a counselor for over 10 years and worked in the social services field for 10 years before that. Amy is certified in EMDR and has completed many specialized training including integrative nutrition and supplementation, complex trauma, addiction, behavioral addictions, sand tray therapy, personality disorder and DBT. Amy’s approach to treatment is to provide knowledge on how the mind and body function, teach tools to provide effective management of emotions that feel intense or unmanageable and engaging in therapeutic practices to clear out the factors that are driving the distressing symptoms. She places emphasis on creating an environment that her clients can feel safe to work through their journey of healing. She believes in being respectful and kind while also being clear and honest. Amy has lived in the Cedar City area her whole life and loves to explore all that Southern Utah has to offer. She loves playing games, camping, gardening and recreation of all sorts with her husband and 5 children.

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